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If you have never treated yourself or your family to a meal at Black Angus Steakhouse, why not put that on your list of fun things to do this summer. In fact, any day or season is a great time to treat your taste buds to Black Angus. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a juicy steak and tasty meal at one of the 45 Black Angus Steakhouse Restaurants would agree.
Forget about all those other stuffy steakhouses where you can expect to spend your whole week’s pay. No matter which of the six western states that you find a Black Angus in, you can be sure to find the same homey environment where everyone is welcome. What’s even better; the prices are affordable and the food is awesome!
With summertime already upon us, Black Angus is keeping the grills fired up with all types of great coupons, discounts and bargain prices. A variety of printable and “In store coupons” are available online, all of which are tempting to the palate. One spectacular coupon deal for only $17.99 is the “Summer Mixed Grill Trio”. This consists of a 7 ounce flame-grilled Black Angus Top Sirloin steak. Along with your steak, you also get two additional selections. You have a choice of BBQ baby back ribs, BBQ grilled chicken breast and fire-grilled prawns. Whichever yummy dish that you decide on also comes with a nice crisp wedge of watermelon and any two side orders from the Classic Sidekicks menu. Many people choose the mouth-watering grilled corn on the cob or the Caesar salad to accompany their meal.
Of course, the Summer Mixed Grill Trio special won’t be available at that price forever. Just like the Black Angus “Campfire Feast Dinner for Two” and the “Any Lunch Entrée” coupon deals, these prices are for a limited time only. But while these particular deals may not last much longer, you can always find discounted black angus coupons and everyday specials when you want to eat out at Black Angus.

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